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Courage My Love - Barricade

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  • Description: Courage My Love's new song: Barricade

    written & performed by: Courage My Love
    produced by: Chris Perry
    Recorded at: The Pocket Studios

    I've seen cities burn,
    I've seen tides turn right here in your eyes.
    I can't imagine how, but we stand together now.
    We'll make it through tonight.

    We won't regret anything that's done or said.
    We'll be here till there's no one left.
    We're gonna be the last ones standing!

    We held hands at the barricade,
    as bricks shattered the windowpanes behind us.
    This is our design.
    Our rebel yells became a voice;
    "this is our time, this is our choice!"
    This night is mine! This is our night!

    Here on these crowded streets
    no order, no retreat, just fire in our hearts.
    When faith dies in front of me,
    there's no place i'd rather be than here; in your arms!
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