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Craig Ferguson Laughing Attack

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  • Description: During the tweetmails, Geoff The Robot casually claims to "have a place" in various locations. They both finally crack up, pushing Craig into an historic fit of helpless, teary-eyed laughter. Geoff's invisible mouth organ only adds to the mayhem. ROLF! May 19, 2011

    Should not be viewed at work or in other quiet environments where composure is expected.

    IMO, this probably outstrips all other classic laughing milestones. xD

    Footnote 1:
    Although Geoff's voice is usually a series of pre-recorded sound bytes, this was one of the nights he was live-voiced and operated by Josh Robert Thompson.

    Footnote 2:
    "Bonnie from Edinburgh" is very likely entirely bogus, but was the final straw that tipped it from funny to those waves of hysteria.
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