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Crippled - award winning high school short film (2009)

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  • Description: Two young cripples, each of a different type, encounter each other atop a mountain and come into perspective with each other's alternative world views.

    This short film was completed in march of 2009, towards the end of our senior year in high school in korea. It used to be too long to put on youtube. Wrote the screenplay the summer before senior year. When the brunt of schoolwork was dying down, I got two other friends and we finally filmed in spring. It was really really cold. Best narrative film I've worked on so far. It's meaningful to me as well. I wrote the screenplay in a period of my life when I was feeling cynical of the nature of people in general. But I knew that mindset wouldn't be healthy for me. Thus, out came a film.

    Please watch in high quality if you can.

    - Young Filmmaker Golden Lion Award: George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
    - Best Story Jury Honor: George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
    - Official selection: Korean American Film Festival New York (competed against an academy award winning short film!!! woohoooooo)
    - Official selection: Korean Film Festival in Los Angeles
    - Official selection: National Film Festival for Talented Youth
    - Official selection: Indie Grits Film Festival
    - Youth Filmmaking Award: Crossroads Film Festival
    - 1st place Trinity International Student Film Festival Australia
    - Best content/writing award KAIAC Film Festival
    - Winner: Emory Student Free Speech Art Competition
    - Official selection: Flicks International Student Film Festival
    - Winner: Greater Reading Film Fest High School Short Film Grand Prize
    - Winner: Florida Panhandle Film Fest: Best Student Film
    - Official Selection: Macon Film Festival
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