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Crystallize (Lindsey Stirling Piano Cover)

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  • Description: "I am not an expert on these things but I do know that we can all find worth by creating beauty within ourselves." --Lindsey Stirling, 23 Feb 2012

    Friends, this is my piano cover of Lindsey's latest hit, "Crystallize"

    My Piano-Only Version can be accessed here:

    The piano sheets I wrote are available to purchase here:

    I'm so glad I had the chance to cover this before spring break this weekend. Lindsey is an incredible musician, and if you're not already familiar with her I'm sure she'd love to share the rest of her music with you! Her channel:

    Also, I've got to acknowledge Devin Graham (YouTube channel: for the incredible cinematography in the original Crystallize video, which you can view here:

    Thanks, everyone, just for everything you've done. Your support, comments, likes, favorites, shares...just all of that really keeps the fire going! As I mentioned above, spring break is this week, and I don't have any way of writing sheets at my house. So the plan is to cover / play around with some of my friends' works until I'm back at college. Tentatively scheduled: five Nick (Storm) Downy accompaniments ( three Tyler (Illogic24) Dial accompaniments ( and two Max (HeySticks) Wallace accompaniments ( This upcoming month is going to be just as intense as February. When I get back to school after the break, I'm going to begin transcribing various themes from BBC's Sherlock into my fifth big medley.

    Stay frosty, friends!
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