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DareCams: Episode 54

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  • Description: Can we get a THUMBS UP and a FAVORITE for DARECAMS?
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    Well guys, we are officially back with another amazing episode of DareCams! Good news for all of you, whether you enjoy trickshots or killfeeds, we will be continuing to bring out both DareCams and DareTage's, so be on the lookout for both! Please know that we will be bringing out a weekly DareCams and plan to continue providing you all with the best trickshots on YouTube as well as expanding, and picking up a few insane snipers to add to our diverse team. Thank you all for your support! Can we get 3,000 LIKES and FAVORITES for this AMAZING EPISODE?!

    Music: Davip - Brick (0:00 - 1:25)

    Chase and Status - Time (feat. Delilah) (1:25 - 3:30)

    Edited by Dare Sector:!/SectorEdits

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