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Dead Fantasy 2 Music Remix

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  • Description: Another awesome video by Monty Oum. I don't think I did as well with this one. There were less syncs, and I'm not sure if the music fit the themes properly. I guess I'll let you people be the judge of that. The first thing I noticed about this one was that its f'ing long. Plus a definite difference was the choreography. The first Dead Fantasy was epic because of the crazy choreography (as was Haloid). A lot of this one was magic. I heard he was using moves from Tekken in this one. I'm actually feeling a lot of Devil May Cry moves in this one. Running out of ideas? Maybe. Can't really blame him. (Personally I'm running out of fast paced instrumental music) Anyway, here's the music credits (respectively)

    Bounty Hunter -- Tommy Tallarico

    Ride On Technology -- Yoko Kanno

    B4U -- NAOKI

    Won't Stop; Just Go -- Jun Senoue

    Run Rabbit Junk -- Yoko Kanno

    Can Still See The Light -- Fumie Kumatani

    Chaotic White -- DM Ashura

    Also, I gotta show support to the DOA team, cuz they got screwed in this one. (Not using the word "bias" cuz honestly, Monty Oum can do whatever the **** he wants)
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