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Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days: Item Perfecting Tutorial

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  • Description: Song: Persona 4 Battle Theme (Extended version)

    Credit goes to Matthew a..k.a EliteBlitzer for the Persona 4 song.

    Credit goes to MasterGamer on the GameFaqs forum for writing up a written version of how to level. It'll be posted below.

    Q : How do I level/perfect an item ?
    A :
    The easiest way to describe the process is to choose an example, so I will use a Yoshi.

    1) Decide what stat you want to focus on for the Item. Most weapons have an obvious stat to focus on (e.g., ATK for Yoshi/Ultimus/Apocalypse, INT for the Omniscient Rod, HIT for Lovely Cupid). ATK or INT are generally focused on for the Makai Wars. The SRS is very versatile, and is perfected for INT/ATK/DEF/HP depending on the user. So a Yoshi would be perfected for ATK.

    2) Remove the specialists present in the item and fill it up with Gladiators. There is a stat boost based on the presence of specialists in the item. The stat boost is independent of the level of the specialist (e.g., 4x level 100 gladiators will give more of a stat boost than 1x 19998). If the Yoshi contains 2 specialists, say a Gladiator and a Sentry, then you will want to subdue both specialists on the 1st floor and remove the Sentry, replacing it with Gladiators so there are 6 present. This involves saving the game, entering the Yoshi, subduing a specialist if one is present or reloading if one is not.

    3) You should aim on boosting the level of the item 3 times/10 floors. This involves entering the Mystery gate 3 times and getting either the "7 Monsters" or the Fortune Teller and getting good/great luck for 3/10 levels boost each. A mystery gate can show after 3 floors have passed WITHOUT a mystery gate showing. Some people say that you MUST get the 3 mystery gates on floors 1, 4 and 7, but I am more flexible and work on the basis that you have 2 floors to get 1 of the gates and 1 floor to get the other 2 (e.g., if you get the level boost on floor 2, then you must get the other 2 boosts on floors 5 and 8, if you get your first 2 boosts on floors 1 and 4 then you can get the last boost on floors 7 or 8). This just gives a lil' more flexibility to the leveling. Just make sure you don't get a mystery gate on Floor 9 otherwise you will need to pass 3 AT LEAST 3 floors on another item to be able to get the gate to appear on 1st floor for the next 10 floor set. In the end you will need 2 Great Luck fortune tellers to reach the 200 level mark by the 100th floor.

    4) You MUST double kill the Item Generals/Kings/Gods. Killing these bosses give a SIGNIFICANT stat boost to the item. Double killing these bosses involves entering the 10th floor, killing the boss, Gencying out, Saving the game, reentering the item and killing the boss again. A double kill is possible because the stat boost depends on at least one floor being cleared when the Item Boss is killed. The 1st kill is for the floors from 1-9. The second kill is for floor 10. You cannot triple kill the item boss as another floor is not cleared.

    5) You must pass the bills on the 10th, 20th and 30th floors of the item! The stat boost due to the bills being passed is not retroactive, so the bills must be passed AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE (e.g., 10th, 20th and 30th floors). On the 10, 20 and 30th floors people will generally kill the Item boss, gency out, re-kill the Item Boss, then go straight to the dimension gate. IF the Innocent Town AND the DA chicken show, then great, if that does not occur then you need to reset and try again. More ATK bills would be passed on the Yoshi, for example.

    6) When defeating the Item King on the 30th floor for the 1st time a new POP slot will be opened. A 7th Gladiator should be placed into the free spot before you reenter the item for the double kill, and an 8th Gladiator placed into the 8th slot after the second kill.

    If you follow all of these steps then you will have a perfect item.
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