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Disney villains war Homemade Submission

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  • Description: Alright this is what you all been waiting for ;)

    Ayam Aghoul vs Hecate (by 73windman)
    During the fight on the Forbidden Mountain Hades made a deal with the witch Hecate to see how well she would fare against the remaining forces of the Underworld. However when Hecate enters into the Underworld she is confronted by Ayam Aghoul.

    Edgar vs Winky and the Weasels (by smilefumble)
    Taking place before Edgar met his end at the hands of Sykes he worked for the corrupt Mr. Winky. In a bet to claim Toad hall and the fortunes with it Edgar drugs Winky and his weasels... but can he leave in time before they wake up?

    Zira and Nuka vs Sabor (by Sonihadow21)
    Before Nuka's death he and Zira both fought against another cat well known for his ferocity and large territory. To usurp that from him they both challenged him to a fight but Sabor is well enough match for both of these lions...

    Ratigan vs Old Pete (by crawnsanders)
    Before Ratigan claims the throne of England he usurped the throne of an old kingdom to expend his own might and powers. But an old version of Pete has different plans about it and wants to chase the rat out. But Pete makes the mistake of calling Ratigan a rat.

    The Witch vs Maleficent (by GAvillain)
    After Diablo was turned into stone Ursula made an alliance with a witch to destroy Maleficent. The Witch believing the dark fairie not to be he equal rushes off... but Maleficent goons strike back and show that their not all stupid.

    Jafar vs Hades (by QueenNarissa)
    After the titans were all destroyed Jafar thought it was the best time to attack the fallen god and destroy Hades faction completly. Although the two might be of equal strength their beasts within will decide the fate of this battle

    Epilogue after credits (by QueenNarissa)
    Hades although defeated survived his fight as Maleficent returns. The two discuss it's better time to first deal with Jafar and then take over the Underworld.
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