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DNA Activation Level 2, Part2: Vibrational Healing Service

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    My second level of DNA activation is now ready!


    Here is a link to the first video in this series in high resolution:


    This is the second and final video describing my level 2 DNA activation.

    You can see this video in high resolution here:

    In this video I discuss how you can activate your first higher dimensional body, your astral / light / emotional body.

    This first higher dimensional body is like the SUN for your physical body.

    Your brain looks up to your light body as a flower looks up to the sun, and your DNA code is obtained from this inner sun.

    Without the activation of your emotional body, your light body, your DNA system cannot come online fully. I describe why in great detail in this video!

    In coding c115, DNA Activation Level 1, I do coding to heal your pineal gland and your crown/upper cortex of the brain. In your physical body, these are the centers that are most related to properly functioning DNA.

    Your crown center receives the light, just as a flower receives the light of the sun from above.

    Your pineal gland distributes the light through the DNA system, which is like a network of rays of sunlight shooting forth from the nucleus of every cell in sacred geometric patterns.


    Here is a link to my DNA Activation level 1 videos in high resolution.


    DNA Activation Level 2 takes the next big step in restoring your DNA functionality.

    The upper cortex of the brain, the crown organ, looks up to your first higher dimensional body just as a flower looks up to the sun.

    Your first higher dimensional body, your emotional body/astral body/light body, IS the sun of the physical body, the higher power.

    If the emotional body is properly functioning, it beams light down to your physical body via your brain, and then into your DNA system.

    As I have mentioned, the DNA system is a tubing. Something needs to be passing through it! That "something" is light, the DNA code that comes into your body through your crown organ. The crown organ receives the light from the higher planes. And your emotional body IS the light coming from the higher planes, beaming down to your physical crown.

    So you could have the crown and pineal gland functioning great, but if the emotional body is bogged down, your DNA will not turn on.

    So emotions have a lot to do with properly functioning DNA !

    In this remote coding, DNA Activation Level 2, I focus on helping your energy body to restore itself, and this includes healing emotions. But the focus of this remote session is on making sure the energy body is adequately sending light down into your physical crown and thence into your DNA system via the pineal gland.

    This coding leads to you feeling light and more joyful, and brighter.

    This coding vastly increases the size of your aura, and helps you to be a force of peace and harmony on planet earth!

    You can order the c117 coding at my order page on my site:


    The c115 DNA Coding Level 1 is a Pre-requiste

    The reason I recommend doing DNA activation level 1 (c115) first is because if the pineal gland and crown are not restored first, even if I help your energy body to heal itself, you will not feel the shift since your physical hardware has not been rewired yet.

    If you know you already have an activated pineal gland and crown organ, you can email me at to ask me to allow you to skip the c115 coding and move on directly to this c117 coding.

    I look forward to assisting you in taking DNA activation to the next level!

    Victory to You!


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