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Doctor Who - The Bad Wolf Returns

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  • Description: *MAJOR series 4 spoilers*

    I'm sorry it's been a while since my last vid but I've been having some problems with my editing software and it hasn't been working for the past month. *sigh* But when I got the chance to use Avid in a different way, I jumped at it! So here's my new vid...

    This is bassically how I would have liked to see the latest ep 'Turn Left' finishing, although the real ending was great too. This is just something I put together to celebrate Rose/The Bad Wolf's return and is most likely my last Rose Returns video because... well... who needs to imagine new ways when it's going to happen soon anyway! XD lol

    So I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think with a rate and a comment, I'd love to hear from you.
    But until then, thank you for watching and enjoy! :)

    I was asked for a transcript, so here it is....

    Donna: She said that
    Doctor: Who did?
    Donna: That woman
    Doctor: Who was she?
    Donna: I don't know
    Doctor: What was her name?
    Donna: I don't know
    Doctor: Donna, what was her name?
    Donna: She said two words
    Doctor: Two words, what were they. What did she say?
    Donna: Bad Wolf

    Old Doctor: Everywhere we go, two words following us. Bad Wolf.
    Bad Wolf: I scatter them in time and space, a message to lead myself here
    Rose: It's a message. It's a link between me and the Doctor. Bad wolf here, Bad Wolf there.
    Donna: Doctor what is it, what's Bad Wolf?
    Doctor: Rose
    Bad Wolf: I am the bad wolf, I create myself.

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