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Don't Panic! Climate Change Fraud EXPOSED!

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  • Description: Nov 21, 2009 - recorded 9:45 EST

    ******* UPDATE ********
    I have been informed there is a web page listing off all the emails, searchable by various key words (like gore, fraud, moron, etc...)

    Also, one of the email authors has agreed the email is real -


    Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists

    Hadley CRU hacked with release of hundreds of docs and emails:

    Leaked FOIA files 62 mb of gold:

    Bittorrent link at thepiratebay to the files:

    And a direct download available at Megaupload

    Cumbria floods: there's more where that came from:

    Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?:

    listen from 1:40 onwards-
    New EU president confirms New World Order desire (19Nov09):

    Herman Van Rompuy and global governance.:

    EU Presidency candidate Herman Van Rompuy calls for new taxes:

    Italian MEP on Bilderberg and Trilateral nominations for EU President and foreign minister:

    Copenhagen deal should have immediate effect: Obama:

    Binding climate treaty may slip far into 2010:

    The EU's nice stitch-up:

    Ukraine crisis will be first test for Lady Ashton:

    Ukraine to pay off latest Russia gas debt from IMF account:

    A New World Architecture - George Soros:

    The Day the Dollar Died:

    Snow Patrol - Run:

    Peace and Love
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