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Dr Reid Oliver's Story - ATWT - Part 49

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  • Description: Welcome to the story of Dr Reid "sarcasticly snarky asshat" Oliver - the adorable cushion snuggler.

    First of all, the lack of SCRUBS was a definite down point of this episode and I'm SURe that's why the entire episode was a continuous sob story for all characters involved!
    Everyone either had a good whine, cried, had a miserable face or felt confused, conflicted or hurt.

    Luke is still being his saintly self. Seriously, we need "Rooftop Luke" at all times (like some wise soul said recently).
    Noah, I know you mean well and you're still full of love but you go about things the WRONG way.... not the best time to be declaring love and asking Luke to do things .... BUT I'll let you off because you're finally opening those poorly eyes of yours and realising stuff. ABOUT DAMNED TIME.

    The flashback .... teasing us much?! Luke's face, hahaha! Aw he can't hide the fact that Dr O's face strokes do something for him :P

    Oh the awkwardness. Dr O does AWKWARDNESS! He was the one running out of the door this time *sigh* everyone say "a
    Even Luke and Dr O bumping into eachother is CHARGED!! ha!
    Continues over to Part 50...
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