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Drawing North - Timepiece

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    Feed me your heart and call it food for thought
    I'm hungry for something more than lessons have taught
    I knew what I wanted but not what I had
    It's funny how clarity comes with the bad
    So scatter your seeds and grow as you please
    Just beware of the winter that'll turn you to weeds

    Look inside with clockwork eyes
    As children sing (ba ba da da da da)
    They push the hands just out of time
    and laugh as minutes slip by

    When hearts are old towers,
    It's an easy key for subtle thieves to steal away the light
    Like fire, we tire out
    So pray for time to break inside and let the truth reside

    Speak in rhymes and dance like mimes
    A circus act for those with dimes
    The fools will leave their folly for the wise
    So I hold my head so high
    Collect my thoughts and walk this rope with fingers tied so tight

    No, no, no, don't you know?
    We don't wear our scars for show
    And no, no, no, don't lose hope
    It takes trails for us to grow
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