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Easy clean Home Made rabbit hutch system

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  • Description: This is my invention of necessity, I copied some ideas from some big headed greedy folks but substituted most of the materials for cheap and easy to get stuff from the hardware store. It is sold by big-n-rich companies as plastic molded trays and shipped to you freight but don't be fooled, you still have to build it when you take that out of the box. And theirs costs around $1,600. for 14 holes. For that much money they should come put it together for you. This cost just under $650. to build for 23 holes and that includes the price of the wire rolls and cage making supplies also. Plywood, 2x4's, 2x2's, tarps and vinyl gutters are all that's used. You can build one yourself without having to take yours apart several times to get the pitch right, I can save you time and money with my plans and detailed instructions and it's all available for the low low price of....Free. Yes, free. Holler at me and I will send you measurements and photos. But how do I contact Hillbilly Hares? Well we are on You Tube about every 3 months so if you want a fast response go to our website and contact us through either of the methods listed. All we ask is that you share with others just as we have, and a mention of our name would be really appreciated too. We don't allow comments any more thanks to nutty animal lovers that wish that we all ate veggies and not meat. Critters, there whats for supper! Thanks yall.
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