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  • Description: Yeah, we all love Tom hiddleston laugh. Right?
    Well, this was quite requested video, from his Fans (I'm also fan, eh) and as I saw someone asking for this, I said, as always, "YEAH WHY NOT, GONA BE FUN!"
    It almost killed me.
    I watched every interwiew Tom Hiddleston gave and for god sake, seriously, I would not be an actor. I would just be like "ask the guy who was here before." (also.... some journalist were quite creepe... whatever)
    But anyway. I chose Vivaldi as background music, hope it's ok, I tried to arrange it somehow, I hope even this is ok. Now please excuse me, I need some ice-cream.

    In case Tom will se this: Dear Mr. Tom Hiddleston, I admire your hard work. I hope you're happy and so, blah blah blah, you surely know what everything I want to say. BUT one more thing. Personally, I think you have fabulous music and movie taste. You are awesome.

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    PS: I ALMOST FORGOT I'M SO SORRY! My dear Friend Kami helped me with few scenes, without her. For example, there would be weird scene on the beggining, becasue I didn't had anything better. Deary, you helped me alot, thank you!
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