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ENGLISH "Listen!!" K-ON!! (AmaLee)

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    Song: Listen!!
    Anime: K-ON!! (けいおん!!)

    Vocals & Lyrics: Amanda Lee (LeeandLie)

    FEEL FREE to use my lyrics or mp3 but please give me credit as "Amanda Lee (LeeandLie)" and make sure to post your video / fandub as a video response to this one.


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    IT'S DEEP DEEP tucked away inside my heart
    Where nothing ever resonates in vocal art
    The HEAT HEAT of this fire's melting me
    I cannot break free

    I'll SHOCK SHOCK you vibes around the clock,
    And follow where go but I will run, not walk.
    The ROCK ROCK of this beat I guarantee
    You cannot break free

    All of the lost picks and the broken sticks
    Are never a problem!
    We're on the same beat
    Don't you think that's sweet?
    My own miracle? Could it be?

    We will sing all night and day
    We'll sing all of our fears away
    If a silence comes along
    We'll eliminate with this song!

    You know that
    I've lived to my heart's content
    And there's nothing that I resent

    Listen well
    Scream and yell
    Put this on repeat

    And we will sing
    All night day

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