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  • Description: youtube: i do not claim to own audio!! for entertainment purpose only!!

    right so this video pretty much means the most to me out of any of my videos...
    when i was 11 years old i lost one of the most important people in my life due to cancer. i wear a locket constantly with a picture off him init i don't think I've ever taken it off since I've had it
    this was my bampy's favrioute song! we used to dance to it and it just means so much to me ever since he's past i haven't really listened to it in a long time because it just upsets me...i never used to ride when my bamp was alive but i know that he'd 100% support it! he loved everything i did i actually did no wrong in his eyes so i was like a little evil child and i could get away with it mwahaha! ;) but anyway this video means so much to me! i love him to bits and i know he looks down on me and think what the actual hell are you doing on that mad horse? ahaha he was an amazing man and anyone who knew him would agree.
    first few clips are blurry but i felt they had to be part of my video!
    end is off luke doing his first ever course in canter so i was real proud of him!:D
    thanks for reading hope you enjoy!
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