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Everything We Despise... Wrapped in One Package - (plus 'counter-rebutta...

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    ((*Reposts of "V-1984" Classics, merged)) - Why are black women overwhelmingly viewed as the "least desirable" of all women? Is it due to the lack of "promotion," as some have claimed? Is it because they do not meet the requirements of what has been commonly referred to as the "white standard of beauty," as many others have claimed? Or could it possibly have more to do with men's (and by extension, society's) perception of the black woman as being "obnoxious" and "belligerent"?

    Here is an extreme example of what many men-- especially those African-American men whom we classify as "on-point brothers" and/or proverbial "good black men" --claim is the basic problem with many if not most African-American women, which makes many men-- including progressively increasing numbers of African-American men --more & more hesitant about any ideas of becoming intimately involved with them.

    Shortly after the posting of the original analysis video, there were several "response videos" submitted by the same individual challenging the "in-vid" supplied text commentary, as well as misinterpreting & distorting the intended (and stated) purpose of/for the analysis. -- This video commentary incorporates "Parts 1 & 3" of my counter-rebuttals to those "response videos" in question. ("Part 2" of the response was set apart mainly because it constituted more of a general rant which did not really focus all that directly on any of the related video submissions; the "Part 2" segment will soon be made accessible on the flagship "General Backlash" channel, to be entitled: "TransMorphers: black women are becoming human pit bulls")
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