Download EXO-M - History MV [English subs + Pinyin + Chinese] -qR-6zJ3V55c video

Download EXO-M - History MV [English subs + Pinyin + Chinese] -qR-6zJ3V55c video on

Download EXO-M - History MV [English subs + Pinyin + Chinese] -qR-6zJ3V55c streaming video in flv, mp4, avi formats direct easily on


EXO-M - History MV [English subs + Pinyin + Chinese] -qR-6zJ3V55c

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  • Description: Ahh I missed a typo still so I reuploaded again. Sorry to those who favorited and/or commented on my other ones! This is the last time, I promise!

    Once again, SM's subtitles... at least they're getting better. In any future MV from SM, would you guys prefer it if I cut off SM's subtitles? I personally find them just the slightest bit bothersome when reading the English at the bottom, but maybe that's just me. If they don't bother you guys, then I will leave them there in the future.

    I know I've been slacking on keeping up with requests. I've been super busy with school and other activities, and haven't been able to find neither the time nor motivation to sub things. I'll try to fix that. I will try.

    Now that Youtube has forced people to change to the (horrible) new channel layout, I will have to find another way to make voting available to you guys... but I'll do that later because I have been subbing this instead of doing homework/sleeping lol.

    Please be sure to subscribe to my other account, lilpinkfrogtpc if you haven't already! I will occasionally upload subbed mvs there too if I'm worried about copyright problems. Subscribe to be sure you don't miss any! -qR-6zJ3V55c
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