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EXODUS part 6

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  • Description: EXODUS by karthika rajkumar released on January 26th 2010 .

    "RED SEA CROSSING whether it just a myth or a miracle" Join Karthika Rajkumar ( Edwina Jonas ) to know the truth.

    Some of the miracles mentioned in the old testament, were least beleived even by the bible scolars, but in these days all the miracles were found to be true and so helps us to beleive in OUR GOD with fear and respect and love.

    This video is about the interesting facts of how the RED SEA crossing narrated in the ten commandments movie, really taken place and where it has taken place.

    How MOSES and other israelites have excaped the Cannanites army by crossing the Red Sea.

    Wonderful video in Tamil.

    Karthika Rajkumar ( Nick named Edwina Jonas ) is a author / writer of many tamil stories and articles. He is also a friend of Wilson E paul.

    He resides in Ooty. He is one of the trustees of Smyrna Home ooty.

    want to know more BUY the " EXODUS " from your nearest christian book stall or write to Mr.Karthika Rajkumar
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