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Ezio Auditore {nothing is true... everything is permitted}

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  • Description: **Warning** lots of violence.

    When boredom strikes and theres nothing on tv.

    Ok reasons for doing this: 1. I am in love with this game, and the Assassin's Creed franchise. About a month ago I saw the trailer for Brotherhood and had like a massive geek attack. Plus I just finished the first game (i played the second game awhile ago, oops played out of order), now nothing against Altiar but Ezio is way better, and AC2 is just better in every conceivable way (in my opinion). I could go on forever about why I think this but i won't. 2. I love Ezio as a character, video game or not. I felt like the game developers really put a lot of thought in to him. I felt like he was a really person not just a character in a game. The history and story in the game is so rich, I found myself playing for hours without even realizing it. 3. I was really bored and this idea sprang into my head so i ran with it. This only took about 3 hours and is more of a vidlet then a full video (it would have been longer but i ran out of clips, you can sort of tell towards the end with only the two prerendered trailers there) 4. Ezio is my channel icon and my channel background right now, so i figured i should do a video to.

    Don't be mad but i don't know the name of the song, but its the music from the Harry Potter 7 trailer. Also I am aware that the quote at the end is from the first game, with Altair and not the second, but i liked it so its there :P Most of clips came from the Assassin's Creed youtube channel there the trailers for AC2 and AC3 (Brotherhood) and the launch trailers for AC2. There aren't any spoilers so if you haven't played the games i recommend you do cuz there awesome.

    *I own nothing but the editing*
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