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Fastest Elevator in Minecraft

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  • Description: NOTE: In Minecraft 1.1, you need to use open trapdoors instead of ladders (ladders no longer hold up minecarts). However they're changing ladders back, so they'll work again.

    There is a friendly competition of people claiming to have the fastest minecraft elevator, but this simple and easy to build minecart elevator is definitely the fastest... and it doesnt require a ton of redstone or pistons like the other designs out there.

    FYI: You can also use boats in place of the minecarts, but they're more fragile, and I think the minecarts look better. :)

    This elevator will go from the bedrock floor to the sky ceiling in about
    6 seconds, compared to piston elevators which take 12-13 seconds.

    I've heard that many people have made an elevator with a similar design. After searching around, I think kindofdoon or roobitz used this concept first.

    Texture Pack: (Customized) John Smith.
    My 'How to edit your Minecraft texture pack' vid has the details/links:
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