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Fax Machines

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  • Description: Although we all rely on e-mail and phone these days to contact each other through the busy working day, fax machines are still a crucial part of most offices.

    With faxes you can send documents that might need to be signed and then sent, copies of letters and one-off items that aren't online or save to a computer.

    Here at Euroffice we stock many different fax machines by well known brands, such as Canon, Samsung and Brother.

    When a document goes through a fax machine, it's read and electronically noted which parts are black and which parts are white. This is then encoded and sent through the phone lines.

    There are two main types of fax machine, inkjet and laser. Inkjet machines put drops of ink onto the paper to form words and images, most small and home offices use this method.

    Laser faxes use electrostatic charges to define what should be black or white on the page.

    We also stock thermal printers. Although they're not as popular as they used to be, they are inexpensive and have no need to replace accessories such as ink, because it's stored in the special thermal paper used.

    However, it is important to remember that thermal documents can be damaged by sun over time.

    To find out more about the fax machines that we stock, check out our full written buyers' guide and remember, we won't be beaten on price.
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