Download FaZe "Fakie" Has Game!! | Episode 37 -MzDtDsjBMcM video

Download FaZe "Fakie" Has Game!! | Episode 37 -MzDtDsjBMcM video on

Download FaZe "Fakie" Has Game!! | Episode 37 -MzDtDsjBMcM streaming video in flv, mp4, avi formats direct easily on


FaZe "Fakie" Has Game!! | Episode 37 -MzDtDsjBMcM

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  • Description: 1,000 likes?! Please like & Favorite even if you saw it on FaZeClan already =D
    Thanks for the feedback its motivating and means alot now working on ep.38


    I will be editing my future episodes i wanted to have an edit done on this and he did a great job go show him some love!

    Edited by NiggaCamo:

    Music: Logic - Mind Of Logic (feat. Camille Michelle Gray)

    HELLO =D Been busy and also bored! those would be my main reasons for being so inactive i also care about how my clips look and to try my best to get clips on people who aren't setting up please keep in mind just because this took a while doesn't mean i was playing all the time since i wasn't anyway its here ENJOY! -MzDtDsjBMcM
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