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Fire Emblem 9&10: Slideshow 2

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    Please, Ashnard. I can hardly wait to rake my talons across your face. - Tibarn, Path of Radiance

    Second slide of four different character, in this order: Sothe, the green haired theif with unendless loyalty and love, Tibarn, king of all bird tribes and fearsome foe, Sanaki, Youngest Empress of Begnion and Fire Magic Weilder, and Micaiha, leader of the Dawn Brigade and Hope to all of Daein.

    Okay, a few things here:
    -Sanaki art is so hard to find, it isent FUNNY.AT.ALL.So, I scraped togethor a few (Ugh!) NaesalaXSanaki avatars, a scrap from a full collage, and a avatar. I also inserted a few picture form Serenes since I felt it would be okay to add stuff about her past...Note that the Sephiram with baby Sanaki picture is NOT in the game. It was unused...Im dissapointed though, I like it.
    -Tibarn was also hard to find pciture I resorted to Photobucket.I edited a few pictures and I got a pretty decent amount, but...what's everyone's obession with his profile?Sorry that it was all I could find/use.
    -Sanaki and Micaiha were not playable in Path of Radiance, so I used different pictures instead of the usual PoR ones first. Close enough with Sanaki, and a past picture of Micky and Sothe was a okay replacement.
    -I did create a song for Micaiha using the songs with people singing in them for Micaiha, since she has that nice and shiny voice of hers...When I ge to the herons, I will probibly do the same thing with some Path of Radiance music and Serens Forest theme stuck in.
    -Yes, this will be a series. Tell me what character's youd lik to see next. There are a few characters Im not willing to do, however...This is:
    -Any Merchant
    Simply Because: I KNOW there is practically NOTHING I can use for them. No one really liked Largo enough to draw him, and the goddesses and merchants are rather obscure character to draw(besides Amiee, but I HATE Amiee...)...So, maybe this can be a extra like enemies or senators or something...

    Music: Serenes Forest
    Pictures: Photobucket(lemme know if I copywrited, okay!?), Serenes Forest, Fire Emblem World
    Videos: omegarevolution
    Series: Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

    Opening: On Glory's Wings and Ashera the Creator
    Sothe: Eternal Bond
    Tibarn: Tibarn's Theme
    Sanaki: Hymn of the Righteous
    Micaiha: Heron Medly(Rafiel's Aria, Repose of Souls, Grace, Dawn Awakens, Galdr of Rebirth, Micaiha's Galdr of release-Songs not in order used)
    Ending: Eternal Bond and Dawn Awakens

    Disclaimer: Do not own.Sorry...wish I did.
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