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Five Short Films

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  • Description: "Indymedia Presents" this week is a compilation of 5 short
    pieces which ends with the comical "Discs of Fury"
    question, "25,000 years of evolution leads
    to this?"
    The show starts with a short piece about the Mother's
    March in Washington DC of parents who lost their
    children in Iraq. It is set to "Michael's Gone to War"
    the song by local indy composer, Brian Kinsella.
    Filmed by Amy Flannary in Washington DC. Produced by
    Patricia Boiko and Winning Pictures, LLC.
    Then the show moves us with the award winning film,
    "Everything Upside Down". In this short film,
    courageous Jesuit University students from across the
    country commemorate the lives of the priests, nuns and
    local people slaughtered by trainees from the School
    of the Americas located in Fort Benning, Georgia.
    Seattle University students take us on their journey
    from Seattle to Fort Benning in their heartfelt effort
    to close down the terrorist training. The film was
    produced by Phil Duncan and Erin Foran.
    Next, is The Corporal's Boots another award winning
    film. "Some people have taken it as an antiwar
    statement; some people have taken it as a tribute and
    memorial to our fallen heroes." Recalling the subtle
    intensity of the Viet Nam memorial in Washington DC,
    this story of one soldier's boots in the national
    exhibit, "Eyes Wide Open", presents the inescapable
    wartime reality of lives lost and families wounded. A
    haunting, original score by local composer, Brian
    Kinsella and the hammerlock of raw emotion create a
    rare viewing experience. Produced by Patricia Boiko
    and Winning Pictures, LLC.
    The next film, "Zapped," transforms a doctor's heart
    stopping ordeal into visual poetry. It combines
    fireworks and human sacrifice into whimsical drama
    about a serious medical problem: atrial fibrillation.
    Set to the beat of the all-girl band, Smoosh, it is a
    grand display of BBQ'd doctor flesh. Poetry by Karl
    Weyrauch, MD used by permission from JAMA. Drums by
    Chloe. Produced by Patricia Boiko and Winning
    Pictures, LLC.
    Last is the comical, rapid paced "25,000 Years of
    Evolution Leads to This" with the musical performance
    of the Seattle Indy Band, Discs of Fury. The editing
    and artful of interspersion of footage from an East
    Africa chimpanzee expedition makes this one of Russian
    Documentary Filmmaker, Ester Schub's best work yet.
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