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[FMV] JeTi - Caramel Coffee

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  • Description: "Caramel Coffee is so sweet." -people

    "Why yes it is ^^" - me

    "Do you even drink coffee?" -people

    "I'm a junior in high school! what do you think?" -me

    "So you do drink coffee?" -people

    "No" -me



    so I whipped this up for the new JeTi duet :)
    lol although I'm not big on coffee I do enjoy this song very much
    oh yeah I wanna thank unknownjair on soshified for teaching me the ways of profile stalking..hehehe
    and for providing the link to aznnerd09's JeTi album which had a bunch of JeTi pics..etc
    also wanna thank maileehawj from soshified.. because I borrowed (stole) some of your gifs lol not too many but
    I'll probably use more of them for the next video because they're amazing
    umm.. let's see.. everything else is from the JeTi thread and I think I got stuff from Soompi.. so yeah enjoy the video~

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