Download Foo Fighters "Pretender" by The Violution - Electric Violin Cover video

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Foo Fighters "Pretender" by The Violution - Electric Violin Cover

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    "The Pretender" by The Violution
    ©2011 Violution Music

    Original Artist: Foo Fighters
    Original Publisher(s): Songs of Universal, Inc., Bug Music OBO

    Audio Credits:

    String Arrangement by Jennifer Lynn.

    5-string electric violin(s): Jennifer Lynn

    Recorded and engineered by Jennifer Lynn in home studio, Los Angeles.

    Bass: Marty O'Brien
    Drums: Glen Sobel

    Recorded and engineered by Gunnar Larsson at the Cave in Van Nuys, courtesy of Patrick Caccia.

    Mixed by Will Kennedy.
    Mastered by Brad Cobb.
    Produced by Jennifer Lynn.

    Artwork Design Credit: Maximilian Bayer

    Video Credits:
    (Filmed on location at AZ Studios in Los Angeles)

    Director: Matt Hillyer
    Producer: Jennifer Lynn
    Associate Producer: Zeus Zamani
    DP: Justyn Moro
    1st AC: Kemuel Depaula
    Gaffer: Dennis Haddock

    Hair/Makeup: Rachel Burney

    Video editing by Jeff Larson and Jennifer Lynn.
    Color correction by Scott Melendez.


    A tremendous amount of thanks to everyone involved in this production: those listed above in addition to many more behind the scenes. Very special thanks to family and friends for their unending support and to a special someone without whom none of this would have been possible.

    Jennifer Lynn is endorsed by AMT Electronics, Godlyke, Radial Engineering and Voodoo Lab.

    Marty O'Brien is endorsed by Aguilar Amplification, Spector Basses, D'Addario Strings, Line 6 Digital Wireless, Dunlop Effects, Levy's Guitar Straps and TKL Cases.

    Glen Sobel is endorsed by Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Regal Tip Sticks, DW Pedals, Rhythm Tech Percussion and Remo Drumheads.
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