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FOOL ME TWICE - Documentary

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  • Description: This well-crafted, well-documented film from Australia exposes the 2002 Bali Bombings as yet another case of False Flag Terror.

    Using a formula that has worked so well for the Loose Change crew, the filmmaker has crafted a very watchable piece that flows well, with interesting visuals, a soundtrack that moves from hip to emotionally engaging, and most importantly, and most damaging of all to the powers that be... the Truth.

    "Fool Me Twice" examines well-known examples of False Flag terror, and adds an excellent new sequence about the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that leaves the viewer with no doubt that Emad Salem was a controlled asset. Utilizing audio that features Salem covertly recorded while talking with FBI agent John Anticev, "Fool Me Twice" cuts to the chase regarding the 1993 bombing, and goes deeper, examining the CIA's links to this milieu.

    The Bali bombings are dissected with a healthy dose of newly gathered evidence that shows what the real effects of ANFO car bombs are, what they do, and what they don't do, like leave massive craters. The film argues that this is from high-intensity military-grade explosives, which the authorities declare were not used. At least not anymore. At first they claimed that Semtex and C4 were identified, but this didn't fit the official story in the hopper, which required that the bombers be tied to the purchase of ANFO making materials. This analysis of the bombing is brilliant indeed. (In a short but unfortunate detour, the film explores evidence that some sort of nuclear device may have been used, however, no physical evidence is produced that could definitively prove that a nuclear device was used. This small detour is something of a waste of time in my opinion, although the segment in question is well done. Please don't let this stop you from examining this film, skip over the segment if you wish, but this documentary is important and should not be overlooked. At the very least check out this report cited in the documentary by Robert S. Finnegan.)

    The film closely examines the Jemaah Islamiyah and it's links to the CIA and other intelligence agencies that used this radical group. A very welcome and valuable analysis. This film reveals extensive connections between JI, the Bali Bombings and military and intelligence circles.

    I rank this film among the most important and valuable of the year, packed with valuable information, bolstered by new analyses, and accompanied by a familiar pattern: violent extremists are targeted, infiltrated, aided, and ultimately directed by the very intelligence services that should be protecting innocent civilians from the extremists.

    The Bali bombings were used to usher in tons of "anti-terror" legislation in Australia. Highly recommended viewing.
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