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Forbidden History; Masonic Revolutions - THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE OF OSIRIS 4/12

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  • Description: (NOTE: to be correct THE SYMBOL OF MILKY WAY, - even freemasons dont know this, since everything they practice is borrowed from VEDIC ARYAN teachings - even to the highest-ranking of them not everything was revealed).
    The Scottish Knights took the stones with them, and used one of the stone as a cornerstone of the first temple at Edinburg. The second stone was preserved at the Rosslyn Chapel at South Scotland. Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount was built upon the other two cornerstones. In the early 6th century BC the Jebusites' city Uru-Salem and the Sun-God Temple were destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II, The King of Babylon, and the captivity of the Hebrews began.
    In 538 BC. Cyrus II of Babylonia let the Hebrews return to their homeland. For the adopted new religion and the glory of "YHWH" (Jehovah), in 515 BC Nehemiah and his companions built the first Hebrew Temple, over the foundation of the Jebusites' Sun-God Temple on Mt. Moriah. In 333 BC Alexander the Great destroyed the walls around it, but not the Temple. In 54 BC this Temple was plundered and destroyed by the Roman Crassus.
    The second Hebrew Temple was built by Herod, King of Judea over the remains of Nehemiah's Temple. This Temple was larger than the previous Temples, and to accommodate its expanded foundations and the greatly increased size of the Temple Mount, a massive retaining wall was built on the southwest side of the Temple Mount. Herod was of Edomite descent, though displaying Hebrew (Judaic) characteristics. In 40 BC he was appointed as King of Judea and governor of Galilee by the Roman Senate. When the Roman Titus crushed the Hebrew Revolt and destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD they razed the temple to the ground. While nothing remains of the temple itself, large portions of the enclosure (retaining) walls still remain. The most famous remnants are the lower portions of the Western Wall, known as the Wailing Wall. Modern archeological research confirms that the alleged Solomon Temple, as it described in the Old Testament, bears unmistakable resemblance to the actual Temple in Uru-Salem (Jerusalem) built by the Phoenicians for the Jebusites' Sun God.
    In 638 AD the Muslim caliph Omar I entered Jerusalem and during the period from 685 to 691 the 10th Caliph Abd-el-Malik ibn Marwan built the Dome of the Rock right over the foundation of the ancient Jebusites' and Hebrew Temple. Other Islamic shrine on the Temple Mount is the al-Aqsa Mosque (one of Islam's largest and holiest mosques) was built 715 AD on the southwest side of the Temple Mount. The Great Constantine (306 to 337 AD.) and his mother built a few churches there.

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    Special thanks to 'igorfrankenstein2' for providing this paramount historical information to the public eye.
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