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glass bottle screen printer

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    Specifications︰ × Printing speed: 4000-5000Pcs/hr
    × Printing diameter: 8-80mm
    × Printing objects length: 30-280mm
    × Compress air: 4-6Bar
    × Burning oil air: 1.5Bar
    × Main machine dimension: 1200mm*900mm*1700mm
    × Feeding system : 1000mm*1000mm*1200mm
    × Net weight: 600Kg
    Advantages︰ × Aluminium alloy structure frame;
    × Automatic feeding, transportation,screen printing, drying;
    × One time loading objects and muti-colour overprint. fit printing objects without orientation point and hole;
    × PLC controlling and touch-screen operation technology;
    × World famous brand pneumatic part and electron parts;
    × High printing efficiency and high printing precision;

    Product Description

    Designed for printing objects without orientation hole and point . overprint precision and have high printing speed; automatics feeding and loading for muti-colour screen printing; especial fit prinitng glass bottle, soft tube.
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