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God's Word has Power.

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  • Description: Lesson Topic And God Said

    Thats Good to Know Gods Word Has Power

    Bible Lesson Genesis 1:1-25-Gods creation tools.

    Spoken Word With this Word, God created all things. Nothing was made without the Word.- John 1:3

    Parent Corner Take a look around. Everything you see was created by someone. If you step outside and look around, everything in the natural world-the sun, moon, animals, grass- was created by God. Yet youve never seen God, the real source of all things and the One being who was not created. Youve only seen His handiwork.

    But dont try to find a designers label on an oak tree, or a manufacturers tag on a star. God doesnt identify His work like that. He wants us to know that all things came from Him and were created for Him. He is the Master Creator, and we become deeply aware of this by being in relationship with Him.

    In the Bible, we read that the Living Word, Jesus Christ, created all things by His spoken word. When God said, I command light to shine, the universe lit up. When He said, I command the earth to produce all kinds of plants, including fruit trees and grain, grass an trees appeared. When God said, I command the ocean to be full of living creatures an I command birds to fly above the earth, both sea and sky teemed with life. (See Genesis 1.) Anything that God can imagine, He can create with His word. He doesnt need a team of architects and builders to bring it about. He dreams it, He speaks it, and it happens. Gods Word has power.

    In todays free-for-all world, one of the most important messages you can communicate to your children is that there is an ultimate source of authority, and His name is Jesus. Before Gods Son became a man, He existed eternally with God as His Word. After todays lesson, help your kids to understand that Gods World has power to create and that Jesus is the living Word, and He has given Himself to us. God created and sustains all things by His very word.
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