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Grilo // I'd Come For You

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  • Description: YAY YAY YAY OTP OTP OTP
    i love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE vidding these two.
    ok moving on this viddie is for three awesome Repo! fans
    Ali (DeadlyElegance) because she loves Grilo or if she doesn't i'll eat her
    Sarah (PaperFlowers08) cuz she just pawns and she was test viewing
    Alex (SpiritWolf1564) who was one of the many people i've recently converted to Repo-ness and is a Grilo shipper. YAY
    too short for intro to get put in so whatevs. they need more footage *sniffs*

    Pairing: Graverobber x Shilo
    Song: I'd Come For You
    Artist: Nickelback
    Movie: Repo! The Genetic Opera
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