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Habashis (AICP) Supported by the American Government!

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  • Description: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    Shaykh Abdur Rahman Dimashqiah (may Allaah preserve him) exposing the political agenda of destroying islaam from this sect of satan of 'Abdullaah Al Harari Al Habashi, "Shaykh Al fitna"
    MUST READ: rabid neo-Con, Daniel Pipes for the Stupid extremist hateful naqshbandi sufi Hisham Kabbani and Habashis. He praises the Habashis and their defeatist manhaj . Riad Nachef is one of the leaders of the Habashis or AICP "Association of islamic charitable projects" in the United States.

    Please share, reupload etc this video, and warn the people from the newest sect who spread great fitnah in Lebanon, and then spread in europe (the kingdom of islamophobia) where they have huge support from the kuffaar (like in FRANCE) and australia, and are beginning to appear in Chechnya, Canada and the U.S, the deviant habashis, who are claiming to be sufi/ash'ari/shaafi'ee, But even sufis reject them, and others also reject them and their stupid belief and extremism.
    In reality when you examine them, they are qubuuriyyuun (grave worshippers) / jahmiyyuun (the sect from which mu'tazila and ash'aris came from, who say the Qur'aan is not the speech of Allaah, there is nothing above the throne, and many ugly beliefs on Allaah's attributes) also jabriyyuun and murji'aa.
    They are also violent against those who uphold the sunnah and believe they are kuffaar.
    More on the habashis (or AICP):
    naqshbandi SUFIS refuting this extremist sect:

    Must see lecture refuting the habashis and the most common doubts of pseudo Ash'aris (who have jahmi beliefs in fact)

    Video on dozens of the early scholars of islaam, including many mentioned by Imam Al Bukhaaree (rahimahullaah) on where is Allaah, and a refutation of the modern "Ash'ari" belief which is nothing else then the JAHMIYYA belief:

    playlist on deviated sects:

    Statements on Where is Allaah, how to believe in His Divine Attributes, etc, from the companions and early muslims, AND statements of the leading scholars of Ash'aris! (who all repented from this believe inshaAllaah):

    The prophet (Sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said every innovation is in the fire of hell, try to care about it please! :

    Video on what major scholars said regarding Ibnu Taymiyyah, also see the description for a list of over 80 major scholars calling him "Shaykh-ul islaam"

    Examining the belief of Ibnu Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah), did he really innovate in the religion, or rectify the false beliefs?

    how about Muhammad Ibn 'Abdul-Wahhaab (rahimahullaah), the most controversial muslim personality in the world today:

    The Architecht of Marriage between Ahbash and Ethiopian Government:
    Israeli jewish professor, Haggai Erlich recommended Ahbash to the Ethiopian Government. Please research the complex relationships of Ahbash, Syria, Israel, and the American right wing group, RAND. Read more here:

    The goal is to pacify (convert Muslims in to cattle) easy to control - by the Zionist led America, the Wayane led Ethiopia, and all the fat Arab rulers without exception. The Ahbash ideology fits perfectly to achieve their goal. Why would an Israeli Jew do this?
    The Ahbash will use the political and military power of the American attack dog, Meles Zenawi and his gang. Ahbash came to Ethiopia to start the begening of its end. Ethiopian Muslims survived over a thousand years of oppression from the Atse' 9Kings) to the Blood thirsty fascists. Ahbash's other patron, Syrian heretic Shia group who also supports the terrorist group Hizbullah.
    In his book,Building Moderate Muslim Networks" Angel Rabasa, Cites Works done by the evil neo-imperialist American RAND corporation - "in Cheryl Benard's "Civil Democratic Islam and Angel Rabasa et al., The Muslims world after 9/11 has begun to lay the foundation to lay the framework for identifying ideological tendencies in the Muslim world."
    A presentation of the kaafir Rabasa:

    Ahbash is quoted by the tawaagheet as being one of the moderates muslims that they must support. Therefore muslims must be aware of this plot within islaam and warn against it and expose them
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