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[Hard] Starcraft 2 : WOL Mission 22 Supernova 3/3

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  • Description: Hard difficulty, ALL Achievements.
    This mission requires you to quickly build, defend and attack all at the same time. Great practice for a terran player to learn the building liftoff and land mechanic.
    At the start you can easily just cloak your banshee's and destroy everything in your path. Make sure you target the pylons to deactivate nearby turrets and buildings aswell as attack anti air protoss units like the stalker. The computer assaults your base with a few units but a siege tank with both upgrades (or atleast the weapon damage) will make short work of them.
    You will need some anti-air later as banshee's can only attack ground units, so build a few wraiths and have marines supporting your air units while the siege tanks support your marines from ground forces.
    If you can throw in a few science vessel's/raven's or SCV's to periodically repair your air units, remember that cloaking uses a lot of energy so deactivate it when not attacking and assault the enemy in short bursts.
    Pretty straight forward mission, you can actually finish it faster than I did as I wasn't sure how much resistance I would encounter in the last base, but it was a pushover with the number of units I had.
    Good Luck.
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