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Download HD - Heer Ranjha - Noor Jehan & Munir Hussain - Wanjli WalaRya - Original Print video on

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HD - Heer Ranjha - Noor Jehan & Munir Hussain - Wanjli WalaRya - Origina...

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  • Description: Heer Ranjha is a classic and needs no introduction so i'll first say something about various prints available in market. Just like the prints of Daman aur Chingari, Afsana Zindagi ka aur a few others in which processing companies have increased so much yellow tint that its only painful to eyes. Tip Top has messed a lot of movies like removing songs from the prints (e.g. removed 2 songs from Deewana, 2 songs from Mahel, 2 songs from Shaheed, Mitti diyan Moortan, Guddi Gudda and more) They not only yellow-processed Heer Ranjha but also added jhankar in some songs though it was never needed. Khwaja Khurshid Anwar marhoom had already worked excellent on trebly aspect of songs as it was his first Punjabi venture and he never wanted it to be meager in music atleast. He did a lot of innovations in Heer Ranjha like in this duet you can listen to both the singers sticking to their lines @3:25 after the last stanza..earlier in duets we used to listen only one singer saying his/her line while other remaining quiet and wait for turn. Khwaja sahab wants to give it spontaneity or natural look so he allowed Munir to carry on O' naina walariay and at the same time Noor Jehan also carried on O' wanjli walaRya.. @nd thing Khwaja sahab did in Heer Ranjha is again breaking the tradition. Heer Waris Shah was also sung with single string instrument ( ik-tara ) before this movie in Indo-Pak But Khwaja sahab added rhythm (tabla) with Heer recitation and believe me it doesnt feel odd at all. Khwaja sahab always had a very deep sense of voice coming from distance in a song (many years later hollywood adapted this technique and added this as Dobly 5.1 effect for movies.. not talking of Dolby for music) There was no Dolby when Khwaja sahab in a song of Jhoomar (phoonk do bijlio aa kay mera jahan by Munir Hussain marhoom) gave this distance-effect.. In this song whenever a long distance shot was taken, Khwaja sahab used to lower the volume during recording to give an effect of sound coming from far. Who cares for these thing these days? It was these sort of trivial things that used to matter to hard-working music n film makers of the past and are missing now in Indo-Pak movies. Lets enjoy the song now in Original Colors and Sound.. Great lyrics by Ahmed Rahi sahab and Immortal music of Khwaja Khurshid Anwar marhoom.. the two singers at their usual best and Ejaz & Firdaus on-screen playing Ranjha and Heer..this has been acknowledged by all that the typical Punjabi Jatti role has never been performed better than by Firdaus here who is best suited to it not only cuz of physical appearance but also rich expressions and typical Punjabi accent and prompt delivery of dialogs.. Hope you like it.
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