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{HD} Shugo Chara - Amulet Devil {Transformation}

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  • Description: This is next XD
    I hav to uploud all from Amu ò.ó
    after i make the other guardians :3
    Anime: Shugo Chara
    Character: Hinamori Amu
    Transformation: Amulet Devil
    Video: xXKarenxAmu13Xx

    When u want to use my Videos pls Invite me and ask :3
    So i can look on ur channel and so on ~
    And pls mention me in your discription when you want
    to make an FanDub with it..
    When you want to make a AMV u don't hav to mention me~
    I Don't own anythinq
    I don't own this Anime,Musik,Pictures,Idea
    and so on ! There are all produced by their Producer
    their names i all forqot!
    Plss YT don't delete this Video i want to make
    FanMade for this :)
    And want to make all the YouTuber's Happy with it!
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