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  • Description: This is a presentation of a homemade HDTV antenna that I made. Well actually its basically just an antenna that's better than rabbit ears cause here is some truth you need to know about the Digital Transition.

    1. HD broadcast are not required! On Feb. 17th, 2009 over-the-air broadcasts are forced to become digital but this do not mean HD (High Definition). Though most of your major stations will most likely be available in HD.

    2. There is no such thing as an HDTV antenna! I know I named my video and antenna as such only because of its loose term. Though a pair of rabbit ears can do the trick for some. Its just an antenna it has nothing to do with you receiving HD or not.

    With that said also know that with any antenna the results will vary greatly. As of now most stations if not all are only broadcasting at low to half power in digital. This is because they are also still broadcasting in analog.

    If you have a weak signal with your antenna on digital wait til after Feb 17th 2009 when digital broadcast is set to full power. You should notice a good signal gain.

    For my set up I mention an amplifier for about 20 dollars which can be added. It's a lovely device which can be found on ebay or at your local hardware/electronic store. This device is not to be mistaken with an "in-line amplifier" as those work only if the device is feeding power through the coax.

    You will need an amplifier which has external power. Such as the Trisonic TS-1132UV-D. They are very easy to install into your current set up but I have decided not to add one until after the digital transition.

    Though mine was slightly modified please check out the inspired design by babblin5 at

    Major differences for mine is that I have used copper wire out of electrical wiring which can be obtained at any hardware store. It has three wires inside, Black covered, White covered, and bare copper.

    Next was the connectors which are crimp on rings for the front to reroute the wires to the back which then are secured with a electrical tie down (also obtained at your local hardware store). This relieves any unnecessary tension. Then I used crimp on spade connectors to attach the transformer.

    The transformer is different from the one normally used but will give the same result. I use the female version as it was what I had laying around the house. I also had a coupler which is used to connect the coax cable then push in to the transformer.

    The transformer is in turn secured to the board by a screw again to prevent stress on the wires. Then I made a simple stand out of scrap wood I had.

    It works very well for me on the major stations getting roughly 65%-70% and I live in the suburbs in an apartment.

    For further information about the Digital Transition (Not HD Transition :P) check out the official FAQ at
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