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Hempfling - Moments Like This - The Horse Seeks Me - Book trailer

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  • Description: Klaus new book - The Horse Seeks Me - is now available already in Dutch. The English and German version is available in August
    Hempfling, with his professional background in communications has shaken up the international horse world. He is working with these powerful, dignified creatures in accordance with nature. The development of the rider's "presence" and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to this work.
    Klaus has the ability to "know" a horse within a few seconds and within a few minutes of the first meeting, he establishes a relationship so firmly that anything after that is completely based on trust.
    Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is touching equestrians worldwide, with response in fields like natural horsemanship, horse whispering, classical and freestyle dressage, equestrian sports, western riding, endurance, eventing and horse riding in general. He is at the forefront on working and interacting with horses and is known for authentic and effective groundwork according to the horses nature, often proved and documented with stallions (breeding stallions). He considers the horse's psyche (horse psychology) and communicates via body language with these beautiful creatures. His first book, 'Dancing with Horses' met with overwhelming success, especially in pleasure riding and natural riding.
    Klaus lived with wild horses in wilderness to observe their animal language and natural horse behaviour. In the beauty of this nature he developed his principals of the first encounter of human and horse. One of the newest publications is The Path of The Horse by Stormy May where Hempfling is portrayed together with Alexander Nevzorov, Mark Rashid, Linda Kohanov and Carolyn Resnick.
    One of his specialities is the work with difficult and aggressive horses. Hempfling transforms dangerous, nervous, traumatized horses into cooperative companions. They recognize him as their leader, and become willing partners in groundwork and under saddle.
    With a handful of known names like Monty Roberts and Pat Parelli (who are inspired by the work of Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, John Lyons) Hempfling is inspiring the natural equine handling in general.
    Also in the baroque dressage he is discussed along with names like Bent Branderup, Richard Hinrichs, Philippe Karl, Anja Beran, Sherry Ackermann and Nuno Oliveira.
    A number of main articles on his horse work have recently been published in Horses For Life
    Very important for Hempfling is in general to interact in different fields as long as the activities accord to the horses nature. He is therefore also coaching horse-people from fields like show jumping, baroque and artistic dressage, driving, racing, working equitation, doma vaquera and garotcha.
    The KFH riding system Balanced Weight Riding starts with thorough groundwork and lunging at liberty, building up the potential for the exercises of the High School Dressage (Haute Ecole), like shoulder-in, Spanish walk, passage, piaffe, half-pass, flying change, which all origin in the horses natural movements and may be performed at completely loose reins (bareback riding, rein-less and bridle-less riding), in contrast to the main procedure in English dressage (represented by names like Helgstrand and Grunsven), and the conventional classical dressage (represented at Cadre Noir, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre and the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art).
    One may say that he is meanwhile one of the leading names in the issue animal and especially horse welfare and horse passion and love, as well as horses in wildlife, roots in nature and animal communication. The German TV programme called him one of the most important horse whisperer of the world.
    Hempflings professional background is in the fields communication, art, theatre, music, study of native people and cultures. He lives on a small island in the Danish Archipelago where he conducts exclusive courses for people from all corners of the world.
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