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hmong ulzzangs

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  • Description: hello :D
    ive been collecting many ppl's pictures but its not enough! darn! anyhow, this video is to show that there are hmong ulzzangs out there too! everytime i look for Hmong ulzzangs, nothing comes out. so u know what, even if hmong is really hated these days, they still have the beautiful ladies :D

    some of these ladies are even more prettier then the "REAL" ulzzangs. [SEE HOW I PUT QUOTES?] if ur offended or w/e just get out. cuz i know many of you people will be saying HMONG CANT BE ULZZANG AND BLAH BLAH. yea yea, shut up. stop looking at hmong so low Bitchez! hahaa lmfao. :P

    all these guys are really hmong!
    they're all from my myspace friends :DD



    music used:
    T-ARA - bo peep
    taeyang- wedding dress
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