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  • Description: On the first scene we're on a huge scultpure (with sounds too, huh) in a square. Light is strong and flat and the dark mass of iron can give us something to play with. the first idea that came to my mind is to use it to frame something of the city. On the first shoot I waited a red car (0:16) but at the end the scene still too empty but it make me aware of some nice elements to use (0:24).

    So let's move around in search for someting else. On the other side I have a view on a big avenue (0:32) and using a tram and a car as red spots maybe I can do something. But also in that case the shoot isn't enough strong. As you can see all those video are real experiences and are not made up, so you can see how hard or how easy can be to shoot a good pictures in "normal" conditions you can have during a walk in a city. When someting doesen't work you have to change the way you're approaching it and so I'm getting closer to the structure (0:48). In that shoot you have the black framing as key of interests and some parts of the city through the openings enforced by the yellow windows and the small red road sign. Yes is not the greatest shoot you can immagine but tells the city in a not so obvious way and it's better than the previous two ones.

    On the other side (1:03) the sculpture has a reflective element that I can use to disrtort the road, waiting the right veichle in it, the choice is a red tram: it's a common veicle in the city of Wien, and it's red, so eye catching in the shoot (1:14). In Stephenplatz the cathedral in on repair so I can't shoot at it directly that's why I'm choosing a paint of it, then a asiatic guy on the back help to give the sense of tourism around that place without focusing on the frenetic crowd (1:36). At the Hofburg the light outside the arch is really strong, and it casts strong shadows of the carriages entering in the structure, plus I have a line of bikes chained in front of me that can be a good silhouette (1:51). To fill the big space under the arch I wait a carriage and then shoot. Not so far away in the structure I spotted a nice sign "Fussgeher achtung!" that is quite useful beacuse it helps to localize the shoot (due to the language) and can be used as a interest point in the shoot. For the background I need a carriage or a horse to fill the space. I took two shoots where I'll keep the second one (2:04) because is more descriptive and direct.

    On Stephenplatz againg to get some reflection of the cathedral in a modern structure with a tele lens (2:30). On a side street of the cathedral there is a sort of carriages depot, a walk through it worth a shoot. The dark wall of the structure on the back is hitted by the low sun that makes nice spots on it. Underexposing a bit to keep that light effect and then search for a right subject (2:37).
    The late sun work better on reflections too, so I'm back on the Stepehnplatz square to take another shoot of the reflections from another point (3:19). At the end a walk into the main street full of shops and coffee. The crowd of people is not interesting if photographed in a direct way but some show windows are nice point to start on, like that with diamond teardrops (3:39).
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