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How to Create Filters in Gmail

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    Mahalo's software expert Ken O'Brien explains how you can filter the emails in your Gmail inbox. 

    Filtering Your Email

    You can use Gmail filters to organize your incoming emails. This is helpful if you receive many messages from websites, newsletters or other mass email senders that you want to keep separate from your inbox.1. Go to the Gear icon in the top right corner of the Gmail window. Select Mail Settings. 2. Select the Filters tab at the top. 3. Select Create a new filter. 4. Use the text boxes to specify which type of messages you want to filter. You can fill in the sender's website address, the subject line details, certain words to look for and other customizable search features. Then click Next Step. 5. Select the actions that Gmail should take with the filtered messages. You can choose from Skip the Inbox, Mark as read, Star it, Apply label, Forward it, Delete it and Never send it to Spam. 6. Click Create Filter. Your emails will now be filtered as you specified. 

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