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How to forgive? -5eiiNCKhVqI

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  • Description: ‪Sri Bhagavan: "Actually the teaching is: suffer and forgive. Which means: you first suffer and then forgiveness happens. Here the word 'forgiveness' does not mean you forgive. When we use the word 'forgive' what we mean is: somebody has hurt you and you realize that that person is not responsible. When you realize that that person is not responsible, forgiveness happens; you do not forgive. ‬

    ‪Now, how to realize that the other person is not responsible? Somebody has hurt you, and if you be with that pain, without escaping from that pain, if you really suffer, suddenly you realize the other person is not responsible. It actually does not need effort or time. ‬

    ‪Let us say there's a snake in this hall, and you are very frightened. It's a bit dark. But somebody goes and turns on the light, and you see it is a rope. And then fear goes away immediately. It does not take time or effort. Similarly, if you truly suffer, it does not take time or effort, you won't have to forgive, forgiveness happens. ‬

    ‪You will get full understanding into this only when you apply it and do it. If you cannot forgive a person, you will be ruining yourself. So, you're forgiving the other person not for the other person's sake, but for your own good.‬

    ‪Most of your problems in the external world arise because of your hurts. A hurt inside can cause an external problem."‬ -5eiiNCKhVqI
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