Download HOW TO: Get Dolphin GameCube Emulator/Get Games Working EASY TUTORIAL video

Download HOW TO: Get Dolphin GameCube Emulator/Get Games Working EASY TUTORIAL video on

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HOW TO: Get Dolphin GameCube Emulator/Get Games Working EASY TUTORIAL

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  • Description: This video will show you how to get Dolphin (A GameCube Emulator) to work, and also how to get games for it. Educational purposes only.

    Make sure you have WinRAR installed on your computer. This is free. It says it lasts 40 days but it lasts forever.
    Download here-

    Make sure you have the most updated version of DirectX. Also Free... Get it here -

    Dolphin Emulator:

    GameCube Games: (USED TO BE

    Q: It keeps saying, Error loading plugins/plugin_PadSimple.dll: can't read info can't init any PAD plugins couldn't init the core check your configuration.

    A: Make sure you update your DirectX. If this doesn't work for you, download this:

    64 bit computers:

    32 bit computers:

    Q: "I get this error message, 'Error: Couldn't init the core. Check your configuration.', or this message: "Can't create OpengGL renderer. You might be missing some required OpenGL extensions." What should I do?"

    A: Make sure Direct X is updated!! If it is, follow this link and download!!! Follow setup, restart computer (optional), then try dolphin again.

    64 bit computers:

    32 bit computers:

    If that doesn't work, try updating your graphics card by going to the manufacture's website. Or do this:
    Go to "Device Manager" on your computer..
    Click on "Display Adapters"
    Right click on your graphics card and click "Update Driver Software..."
    If it doesn't show "update.." if it doesn't show this, then I don't have any other solutions other than getting an updated graphics card.

    Q: "Extract here" does not show up when i right click!?

    A: First Thing to Try:
    If it does not say "extract here" simply try one or all of these 3 things.
    First Way:
    1. Open up WinRAR! Just by itself, double click on it.
    2. Click Options---Then, Settings
    3. Go To the "Integration" tab.
    4. Uncheck "Z"
    5. Click OK.
    6. Go back to the "integration" tab. Check Z. Click ok.
    If it still does not show, just open the file in WinRAR, then click extract to...then ok. It should extract it to the folder you want it in.
    IF YOU WANT extract here to show and it still doesnt after you tried the above.. Re-Install WinRAR

    Q: I extracted all the parts together and got a folder. I opened up the folder and extracted those RAR files. But, no .gcm file appears.

    A: Sometimes games are in .iso format. This could be in the RAR format also. It should still show up in Dolphin without a problem.

    Q: Why does my game lag when i try to play it?

    A: You need a better computer. BUT you can try to play around with the graphics settings and configuration! Different for each person depending on computer specs. You must remember Dolphin is still in development, so don't expect EVERYTHING to run perfectly.

    Q: When i extract all the parts, no folder appears, just a bunch of files.

    A: This rarely happens, but it's fine if it does. All the files that show up are what WOULD be in the folder. Just highlight all the RAR files that show up and click extract here and you're set.

    Q: VCOMP100.DLL cannot be found or any other VCOMP100 problems....

    1. Go to this link:
    2. Download by clicking "Click here to start download from MediaFire.."
    3. After it downloads, extract it to the folder with your Dolphin Emulator.
    You should now have the .dll file, not the .rar file in the Dolphin folder!!! If not you didn't extract it. Make sure you do.


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