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How to play backgammon (the basics)

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  • Description: This is a quick introduction to the game of backgammon. Only the simple basics are covered to give you an idea of what the game is about. Download a free backgammon program like 3DFiBs from
    which will give you hints to learn how to play. Backgammon is an exciting game that has elements of both strategy like chess/checkers and luck like poker. It is easy to play and can keep you entertained for hours if you get addicted to it. Software programs the play backgammon use sophisticated neural net AI algoriths to beat the strongest human experts of the game. At the highest levels, backgammon is a serious game that takes many years to master but can be thoroughly enjoyed the the beginner as well. Since luck is an element of backgammon, it is often played for money where the expert player will have a big advantage over the long run. Also known as Tavla (Turkey) Tavli (Greece) Tric Trac (France)
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