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  • Description: Oily skin - the bane of my life for most of my childhood up until i was about 30.

    Dealing with oily skin can be tricky but it can be controlled.

    I know people don't always agree but stopping overloading the skin with excess moisturisers can go a long way to stopping this. Oily skin has its own moisture - and lots of it - so adding more isn't necessary.

    If you want to moisturise your skin - use serums as these are less emollient.

    Milk of magnesium is great for controlling oily skin. Worn as a face mask, rinsed off - can stop oily skin for hours and hours and hours. For VERY oily skin it can be left on, then foundation applied over.

    BE WARNED - milk of magnesium can be drying - so you don't want to go too far with this - let you skin be your guide.

    I found that many dermatologist also recommend milk of magnesium for controlling oily skin :)

    And lots of shine control products also have this in the ingredient list.

    :) Wayne
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