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How to Train Your Dragon (Opening Credits) - Charmed Style (720p)

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  • Description: Celebrating the soon premiere of "Kung Fu Panda 2" on my country the upcoming friday, the soon premiere of "How to Train your Dragon" on Movie City (a special movies channel on my country), it's first HTTYD anniversary and my recent re-interest on one of my favorite shows, Charmed. I decide to do this. For being my first stylist opening, I think I did it pretty good.
    This one is my 95th submission for Youtube , my 26ยบ HD video, with 720p quality, my first Unique HTTYD video and my first stylist opening, making an intro for the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" using Charmed's opening style (Thank god for the Vegas Charmed tutorial). It was a little hard to finish it, but I guess I did a nice work. I'm sure HTTYD and Charmed fans would love this. And please, let me know your thoughs and opinion of this opening on the comment. ow, take yourself confortable and enjoy this custom opening!
    WARNING.- Maybe loud sound and music.
    Commenting don't cost anything and is really appreciated. ;)

    Here's some general info about this video.
    Main Movie and Show from Taken footage.- Dreamworks's "How to Train Your Dragon".
    Audio used.- Charmed oepning song, TV cut version.
    Song Name.- "How Soon Is Now?" by Love Spit Love
    Template based on.- Charmed Season 7 Opening.-
    Date Rendered.- Tuesday, June 7th, 2011.
    Human Characters included.- Hiccup, Astrid, Ruffnut, Fishlegs and Stoick. (Main Starring)
    Dragons Characters included.- Toothless (Night Fury and starring with the rest of the humans), Deadly Nadder, Terrible Terror, Gronckle and Hideous Zippleback.
    General Characters excluded.- Gobber, Snotlout, Tuffnut and Monstrous Nightmare.
    Reason for exclusion.- "Not enough time on the intro for them, sorry for any of their fans. :(."
    Lyrics.- Soon, be patient.

    P.S.- Please, don't ask me for request of any kind right now, I'm busy with ohter proyect, a Birthday Gift for my dearest friend, HeatFreak, is still pending.
    P.S. 2.- Expect the lyrics though Youtube's caption service.

    Special thanks.-
    Dreamworks Pictures (For make awesome 3D movies, like Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon)
    Vegas 9.0 (I just can't stand 10.0 and some of it's issues)
    bgcharmed and Oved011Again (Without their Tutorials, this opening would not being posible)
    Cartoon Network (For bring everybody amazing series like Ben 10, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ranma One-half, Transformers Animated, etc. and looks like the upcoming HTTYD TV show too)
    TheZombieOfHeatFreak, BowserFireBreath, RueNinpo, thedriveintheater, AEmovieguy and KanonGoldensZ (their videos are a great inspiration for my videos)
    Cannonbolt, Panda Po, Bulkhead, Louis and Dusknoir (For being so funny, so fatty and so cute all of them) ;)
    Akane Tendo (For being so beautiful and so cute, even if Ranma said the opposite) ;)

    NOTE 1.- I don't own neither the clips or the music, only the way that were conformed this video.
    NOTE 2.- No more request to my mail, please. Download link coming soon!

    Greeting from Puebla, Mexico.
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