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How to Water Your Garden

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    5 Tips for Watering Your Garden:

    1. Choose drought tolerant plants to save time and water. Look for the WaterWise label in Lowe's stores to find plants that require less watering.
    2. Choose the right tools for the job. A watering can is good for a few small plants. For more extensive watering, a watering line allows you to gently water in planters and gardens. A watering line also allows you to turn off the water easily to conserve water. Third, you can use a sprinkler system with a timer to cut back on your watering. You can also connect a drip irrigation system to your hose that distributes water directly to the roots. Similar to the drip system is a soaker hose. The hose sweats out water at the ground level, hydrating the roots.
    3. Adding peat moss or compost to your soil to retain moisture.
    4. Mulch your entire garden to help stop evaporation.
    5. Collect your own water by installing a rain barrel under your gutter or near your eaves.

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