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Human; Draco/Hermione

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    Harry Potter

    I started to work on this video right after I watched HBP the first time, but I had problems with my computer so I couldn't work on it for about a month.
    There aren't any awesome effects or manips. But I like it anyway because it's very simple.
    I KNOW this song's overused but come on, it's just too damn beautiful and sad!

    Alternate HBP.
    The video starts with Draco threatening Hermione, telling her that he only wants to protect her. Bellatrix and the other DeathEaters appear and they try to convince Draco to kill Hermione.
    After hearing that Draco's on a mission for Voldemort, Hermione tries to keep an eye on him. One day she follows him and finds him crying. However, instead of attacking her he lets her stay and comfort him.
    After this, the two have a very awkward but special relationship, they even secretly develop feelings for each other.
    But since Draco's still on his mission and Hermione tries to stop him, they're having a fight.
    When Draco brings the DeathEaters to Hogwarts he makes sure Hermione sees and follows him so she's safe. He doesn't know he's putting her in danger instead..
    (Flashback ends)
    Before Draco can make a choice, Snape appears telling the other Deatheaters to hurry up and leave Hogwarts. They leave Hermione behind, alive. But unfortunately she and Draco hadn't have the chance to make up and they don't know wether they'll ever see each other again.
    (a better description is coming soon)

    Footage: Harry Potter HBP
    Song: Flowers for a Gost by Thriving Ivory

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    I neither own the movie nor the song. This video is fan-made and I do not earn any money with it.
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