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Hunger Games Clip: Katniss' Gamemakers Arrow

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    Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out ClevverTV. I'm Dana Ward and I'm still super happy that Lionsgate released a new clip from The Hunger Games. It just went live as a CapitolTV exclusive and it shows the very memorable scene where each tribute has a private session with the Gamemakers in order to get their attention, grab a good preview score for the Games and this one showcases Katniss. By the time it's Katniss' turn as a District 12 representative, the Gamemakers are more into the buffet than anything else. You can count on Jennifer Lawrence's character to become so annoyed by being ignored that she takes her bow and arrow and shoots right through all of the others and hits the apple in the pig's mouth at the buffet. Obviously, these are high stakes since the score she receives here -- which in the books is quite impressive -- directly influences the help that she's receive from sponsors during The Hunger Games which also reflects in survival or death. We've got a link to the clip in the info section below. Go check it out- and hit repeat a few times if you give yourself a score of 10 as to your excitement level for the movie's March 23 debut. I'm Dana Ward and we'll see you soon on ClevverTV!
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